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The Law Office of Mikiko M. Gunn

The Law Office of Mikiko M. Gunn is a law firm specializing in Immigration Law and Estate Planning.


We are committed to provide you with personal legal service for affordable price. We take our pride in building a trustworthy relationship with our client and providing fast service.

Practice Areas

Our Servuces

We handle various types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

We offer flat rate estate planning packages that meet various needs and goals.

Special Education Advocacy

We offer Special Education Advocacy services for children with special needs.

Ready for Consultation?

Immigration Law Services:

We offer a FREE 20-minute consultation on the phone/Zoom to assess your admissibility to the United States. We will also answer your questions during this consultation.


Estate Planning Services:

We offer a 90-minute consultation in person at our office for $250, which will apply to your estate planning service if you decide to retain us within 30 days from your initial consultation. If you cannot come to our office, our attorney is available to travel to your home/ office even on weekends (additional fees apply).


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