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Estate Planning Services

We are licensed to practice estate planning law only in California.

Do you have an estate plan?


If you do NOT have an estate plan, there is no better time to start one. Don't be discouraged by the process. We make it easy! We will explain all of the documents, answer all of your questions and make the entire process as simple as possible. 

If you DO have an estate plan, make sure if it is not outdated.

  • Has your trust been executed prior to year 2010? 

  • Has it been more than 2 years since you signed your current estate plan?

  • Are you still satisfied with the Guardians of your choice?

  • Are your children adults now? 

  • Have you acquired any assets since you signed your trust, and that have yet to be transferred into your Trust? 

  • Is your Power of Attorney for financial decisions or health care decisions older than 5 years?

  • Is there any personal property that you would like distributed to particular individuals but you have not been clearly mentioned in your estate plan?

  • Have you been married, divorced or widowed since you signed your current estate planning documents were signed?

  • Have you had children or grandchildren since you signed your current estate planning documents?

  • Have any of your children been married, divorced or died?

  • Have you bought or sold properties since you signed your current estate planning documents?

If any of the above applies to your estate plan, please don't wait to contact us. We will provide you a peace of mind by making sure that your estate planning documents are up to date and meet your current desires and goals.

We offer flat rate estate planning packages and unbundled services.

Additional fees may apply in complex cases and blended family cases 

Initial 90-minute,




Prior to your initial consultation with us, you will be asked to complete some questionnaire. During your initial consultation we will provide comprehensive explanation of estate planning. We will also ask you about your goals and desires about your family, your health decisions and your assets to design a personally tailored estate plan for your needs and your goals.

Then, we will explain all the pros and cons of each estate planning package that we offer.

If you cannot come to our office, our attorney is available to travel to your home or office (additional fees apply).

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