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Fiancé(e) Visas

Q. What are the requirements to apply for a fiancé(e) visa?


A. There are 5 Requirements

  1. The petitioner is a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years of age (a legal permanent resident is not eligible for fiancé visa).

  2. The petitioner is legally free to marry.

  3. The petitioner really intends to marry his/her fiancé within 90 days of entry.

  4. The petitioner has physically met his/her fiancé at least once in the last two years.

  5. The petitioner has enough income to support his foreign fiancé (if not, you can have a joint sponsor to qualify).​


Q. We just got married in Japan, but have not got married in the United States yet. Does my spouse need a fiancée  visa or immigrant visa to move to the United States?

A. If you are already married in another country, and travel to the US for immigration, you need to obtain a immigrant visa. 

Q. Once I get a fiancé(e) visa, am I going to receive a green card once I arrive at the United States?

A. No, once you travel to the United States with your valid fiancé(e) visa, you will need to get married within 90 days after your entry. Then you can file for an adjustment of status (application for green card). 

Q. How much are the filing fees?


A. Prior to traveling to the United States:

         $535(petition fee) & $265(Process fee)

    After traveling to the United States with an issued finance visa,

         $1,225 (Adjustment of Status)

Once you marry in the United States, you will need to file for Adjustment of Status for permanent residency to have your green card issued to you. Find out more about Adjustment of Status

OTHER EXPENSES (these expenses will be charged on your account and the invoice will be sent to you monthly):

  • mailing fees

  • copies

  • translation of documents in foreign language and its certification (Notes: you as a petitioner or beneficiary cannot translate your own documents; your friend can do so. Otherwise, please contact us for translation services and arrangement).


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