What is the difference between CR1 visa and IR1 visa?

When your alien (Non-U.S. citizen) spouse still resides in another country and you filed a petition for his/her immigrant visa, your alien spouse will receive CR1 or IR1 visa prior to his/her entry to the United States.

So what is the difference between CR1 Visa and IR1 Visa?

The “CR” from CR1 stands for "conditional resident" and is applicable to couples who’ve been married fewer than 2 years.

The “IR” from IR1 stands for "immediate relative" and is applicable to couples who’ve been married 2 years or longer.

Whichever Visa your spouse receives, your alien spouse will receive his/her Green Card upon settling in the US as well.

But don't forget to file for condition removal if your spouse receives CR1. You can start applying for condition removal 90 days before your second anniversary as a conditional resident.

If you need help with your CR1 or IR1 Visa or Condition Removal, Please feel free to contact us for FREE consultation.

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